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Homebrewers from across the region come together to show off their craft each year at Charleston Beer Fest. 

Homebrew Application - Now Open

  • Robert Hoffman, Chaotic Neutral Brewing, Goose Creek SC

  • Jeremy Frazier, Skunk Mountain Brewing, Summerville SC

  • Jeffrey Nelson, SunDog Brewing, Mount Pleasant, SC

  • Dedrick McFadden, TapLife Brewing, Charlotte, NC

  • Bill & Jennifer Lockard, Frylock Brewing, Charleston, SC

  • Esse Elskamp, Beer Engineer Supply, Charleston, SC

  • Jeffrey Gardner, Just One More Brewing Co., Charleston, SC

  • Jeff Pascoe, Southern Coastal Brewing, Mount Pleasant, SC

  • Roman Rozek, Ship-Wrecked, Charleston, SC

  • Chris Vogler, Chez Vogler Brewing, Mount Pleasant, SC

  • Patrick McPherson, PLAN B(eer), Moncks Corner, SC

  • Armando J Rodriguez, Sacred Pine Brewing Project, Summerville, SC

  • Brian Ruswinkle and Jimmy Noble, For the People, Atlanta, GA

  • Matt Gibson, YeHoGrA, Summerville, SC

  • David Gilbert, Stella Maris Brewing, Charleston, SC

  • Bryan Campbell and James Campbell, Coffin Island Brewing, Charleston SC

  • Mike Rousseau, Chris Mims, Chris Bergner & Daryl Johnson, Beresford Brewsmiths, Charleston, SC (Winner of Fams Chucktown Brewdown)

meet our 2019 homebrew competition judges

Brett McDonald aka @notsoboard is a Charleston native who has seen the evolution of the Charleston craft beer scene go from the size of a can to a keg. On the weekends (or even sometimes during the week) after surfing the waves you will most likely find Brett sipping on a cold IPA at local breweries.  When Brett’s not throwing down cold ones or out on the water he can be found in his office at Tabor Mortgage Group originating deals like no one’s business.

Ana Richards aka Beergirlmeetsworld has worked in the Charleston beer scene for five years. From finance to brewing beer to cleaning kegs there is no job too large or small for this hop lover. She even got her dog at a New Belgium event a few years back! Ana is currently the Charleston Event Ambassador for Brooklyn Brewery as well as working full time in the hospitality industry as the Maitre ‘D for Melfis. Her favorite beer styles tend do be seasonal, but she’s always down for a great lager. Ana also loves sour beer so much she got a foeder tattooed on her arm!

We’re Andi + Sara from TwoHoppyBlondes, a community for like-minded go-getters created by two brew loving women with a vision to bring together people from across the globe. We’re from South Carolina, but now live in Charleston and Houston. We share our travels, local craft beer finds, the latest beer trends, and beer/brewery reviews. Homebrewing found its way into our hearts via our significant others, and now we share their passion for creating something that’s one of a kind.


Chris Wessel has been brewing since 2001, a short 17 years. In that time he has progressed through Mr. Beer kits to extract kits, extract with partial mash and all grain. He currently enjoys creating new recipes as well as trying to recreate some of his favorite commercial beers. With a newfound interest in sour beers, he is now starting his learning/obsession with the style.


Kyle Wallace says he’s been a craft beer fan since his first Sierra Nevada brew many years ago. He’s dabbled in homebrewing, but says his true calling is working in the Charleston breweries He works part-time as a cellar man at Charles Towne Fermentory in West Ashley. After his wife, Kristi (also known as Mrs. List) moved to Charleston, the couple wanted to do what they could to be a part of South Carolina craft beer. So, they formed Charleston Brewery List, where they promote the people and places that work hard to make the beer you love. Kyle is also a member of the South Carolina Brewers Guild and helps out with the organization’s social media and events.

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